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Did you know professional musicians who don’t write their own material receive FAR less earnings than those that do?

Did you know that a successful musician who doesn’t write their own songs has no say or power or say in where their career is going? The music exec’s basically own them. But if the songs are yours, then you hold all the power. You choose how your material is portrayed and distributed. You also receive much more royalties.

There is more than the satisfaction of royalties though – There is nothing like the feeling of mastering a song that makes others want to copy it. Being able to effect peoples emotions with your songwriting talents.

Do you have this feeling that you could compose songs that can touch people’s lives? Do you love writing poetry or have a deep love of playing the guitar of piano? If you said yes to either or both of these, then you are what we are looking for! A songwriter, a composer who has the talent, but not yet enough experience in order to make it in the mainstream music industry. At K101, we will help you get that first song live and be heard, giving you the opportunity for your song to earn you some money.

This is what we do best, this is why K101 exists!

Let Your Song Be Heard

Did you know that scribble of poetic words on a napkin has the same earning power as a best selling book? You might be surprised to hear that the average earnings in royalties for a number one songĀ  on the charts is $320,000. And if it has staying power then you are set up for years!

How many times have you written songs and did nothing with them? Maybe you were too shy to let it be heard, or you simply didn’t know what to do next?

With K101, we have all the resources in order to perfect your song, to let you hear what it could sound like when being played by other musicians and how it can sound better. We offer every level of support you could want or need.

All you need to do is let us know where you are at with your music, what level of help you are looking for and what budget you have in mind, and we can quote you on a tailored package to help you reach your dreams.

What separates us from the rest?

Your dream is also our dream. Our resources stretch far and wide across America and Canada, With experts in every genre of music ready to tweak and refine your work to make it worthy of the top ten charts.